Blossom Resort Kasauli

About Us

Blossom, a resort in Kasauli surrounded by thick pine trees, is 60 Km from Chandigarh. At 5000 ft. above sea level, in this one of the best hotel and resort in Kasauli nature is widely spread to welcome you and leave sweet memories of your stay. Blossom Resort has a natural wind blowing of pine trees which make this budget and luxury resort in Kasauli a unique hotel in Kasauli to be in. Enjoy Nature and relax your body mind and soul availing our tailor made packages including a host of unique services like Kerela Panchakarma, Meditation and adventure options in Kasauli. Blossom Resort Kasauli is a destination providing nonstop frolic and with unlimited fun and enjoyment for your family away from hustle – bustle and pollution of the city. Ideal for a short, pleasurable getaway or a long lazy holiday.

Blossom Resort is a place for you. Come and experience the peaceful, green ambiance of Kasauli where nature awaits to reach out and touch you. Blossom resort offers the best in service and facilities. Some hotels offer grand opulence with luxury every inch of the way whilst Blossom offers distinct styles of first class service and facilities. When you want absolute luxury within your budget you can try Blossom Resort. The resort is a great place for a stress-free holiday and a unique experience.